Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What is Success ?

We often wonder the meaning of success and spend hours of reading how to be successful or watching online motivational videos. While they provide some motivation and tips to the path of success , we tend to forget, that is the successful story of ‘someone else”. Can we all fit in to the same model? 

The New York City humor magazine  Puck  published on November 3, 1897:

“The early bird may get the worm, but the early worm gets eaten.”

“Many of our maxims and aphorisms are decidedly contradictory; for instance, the example held on to us of the early bird is somewhat upset by the fact that ‘the early worm gets eaten.”

The main narrative of success is to have a good education, find a lucrative job, build a house, get a car and then create a family. But, more and more millennials are refusing to take that conventional structure proposed by the ancestors and try new paths to success by quitting their corporate jobs to Youtube video making, ditching their partners in search for open relationships, selling their houses and opt to live in camping vans. Then, there is another category, the enlightened ones who believes success is a spiritual journey and meditate to achieve inner peace. 

But, who is more successful ? The one with the 8-5 job? The billionaire on a Luxury Yatch?  The one who lives off traveling the world with no aims and goals for future? Or simply the one who chose the hermetic life?

Yes, you all are successful the day that you stop yourself comparing to the others. Humans in nature want to imitate the other, if we challenge this notion of common model of life style, we would be able to achieve success and eventually Happiness. The originality of the actions in your life  determines your success.

If the accumulation of money gives you the feeling of success, you should not force yourself to be a hermit. We live in a world where "hermit looking people" also live luxurious lives. Therefore, it is not advisable to leave something you actually like. On the other hand, we see backpackers give us the illusion of a joy in a sunrise on a mountain top away from civilization. That achievement of success should be equal to the glory of a promotion in your career path, vice versa.

You don’t have to wake up early to be successful, you don’t have to read all the books to be successful or you don’t have to pass the examinations to be successful. No your bank account is not the ONLY proof of your success. No it's not ONY the prestige of a career or your social status. No, it's not ONLY the healthy relationships you have. No, it's not ONLY the world tour you completed. Success is highly subjective. You are successful to you , not to the rest of the world. You have decided your path, and you wake up happy and go to bed satisfied after completening any activity of your choice. You live your life as per your terms. We can call this success. 

Celebrate life as it comes, do not live someone else’s dream. Choose the activities that make you happy. Repeat those actions. Be unique in your quest for success. One last reminder, be original!

By Jahooli Devi

Sunday, January 3, 2021

බලා හිඳිනා ප්‍රේමයක්

සැණකෙළි හඬ මැද 

ප්‍රීතියෙන්  සිනාසෙන 

මිනිසුන්  අතර 

වාඩිවී  තනිව 

සුසුමක් සමඟ සුහදව 

බංකුවක  කෙලවරක 

බලා හිඳිනා ප්‍රේමයක් 

මටත් ඇත.

සඳක් දිදුළන 

අහස් ගැබ පිරි තරු බලා 

රලක්‌  පෙරලෙන 

වෙරල මත හිඳ 

ගිලී ගිය නැව් එන තුරා 

ක්ෂිතිජය දෙසම 

බලා හිඳිනා ප්‍රේමයක් 

මටත් ඇත.

ප්‍රේමයෙන් මත් වූවන් 

පීඩා වූවන් , විඩා වූවන් 

අතරමං වූවන්  අතර 


මිරිඟු දිය උල්පතක් ජනිත වන තුරා 

බලා හිඳිනා ප්‍රේමයක් 

මටත් ඇත.

අවාටයක් වූ ගතින් වෙන්වී 

සිතින් නිරතුරු වෙළාගත් 

නොදන්නා ක්ෂීර පතයටත් 

එහා දුර සිට පැමිණෙනා 

වේගයෙන් ,

දැවීයන උල්කාපාතයක් 


බලා හිඳිනා ප්‍රේමයක් 

මටත් ඇත.

By Jahooli Devi

Friday, October 30, 2020

Humanity locks down

Humanity locks down


O Eclipse of Humanity!

The World locks down!

Spectrums of Death!

The Sun has vanished!

Darkness is everywhere.

The agonizing silence.

What could be braver than freedom?

The solar ages are suspended.

How to chase away your fears

and awaken your dreary anguish

to put humanity in quarantine?

Subtle tricks and strange plots;

arise in the spheres as enigmas sowing doubts and disarray,

Can they fill your soul with tears?

The world without hope, dark as a ghost in the night,

Resembles our deadly nightmares.

Confinement, may be the dwelling of the intimate space of your being.

Naive without believing it.

Ignorant without imagining it.

Submissive without knowing it.

Ruined without wanting it.

Where do you see the danger then?

Safe shelters!

Now you are held by ritual, fear and threat:

rumors of death are waiting eagerly!

Blood, sweat and tears!

Pain and sacrifice.

Are you less manipulated and less controlled?

Are you free or adjusted?

Arrogance under all the heavens breeds revolt;

Move on without hope!

Is it your destiny?

It feels comfortable to escape!

But where? The borders are closed!

Couples are intoxicated in monotony.

Separated lovers languish in distress and melancholy.

O forced solitude! O solitude imposed on humans!

Overwhelming enslavement!

Beliefs overflow us like pouring rains.

Anger rises in you, alas!

You want to live but darkness keeps vigil on the grieving spirits

You hear nothing more than the reign of Order!

You quit

The dreams that occupy your mind clash where authority persists.

Duties are more oppressing than cyclones.

Resistance and servitude are opposed in a hand-to-hand war.

We have reached to the invisible wars of Humanity!

Do not defend yourself from your own sensitivity!

A logical explanation: accept the control.

Unavoidable duties, and without duties no authority.

No dominance, no functioning of the brains.

But without being yourself,

no love under the sun,

no dreams under a night of shooting stars.

Leave no one the right to impose solitude on you.

Forced solitude, monitoring solitude kill love and freedom.

Do not let fear conquer you.

No love without freedom to love!

Your life must express your own aspirations

You cannot settle down in lands with crooked truths

Unjustified injustice makes even the bravest of men dread

Finally, one breaks the will to clear out the brains

From consciousness and mind.


By Kama Sywor Kamanda (Le monde se confine)

Translated by Charitha Liyanage