Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Painful Brazil Vs Germany World cup semi final


Image : It is not me, I don't cry like that :-)

Love & Football do not go togther but I need a space. I have no idea how Football is played but I see some hot looking guys running after a ball for 90 minutes & I found it quite fascinating.

I am writing this on the half time after watching the Foot Ball match between Brazil Vs Germany.

5 - 0 Wow! Am I seeing a nightmare here? Is this a Foot Ball match or a  Handball match?

I can't see Brazil making an effort to win atleast one goal, so should I watch the second half?

It is true that Brazil does not have the best team today but others players also know how to play Foot Ball, so why can't they just be active on the field and make an effort. Allez, Allez play your game.

Every time, it is like this, whenever, I sit down to watch a match it would turn out to be a nightmare.
Forget  the World cup dream for Brazil , I am just praying that they have "soft" humiliation tonight.

But , what do they discuss right now in the dressing room?

Goal Keeper Cesar : What am I going to have for breakfast? Caesar Salad?

David Luiz or someone with the nice curls : Should I quit Football & start playing cricket?

Hulk : I should be acting in the next Hulk film only with an underwear

Nymar at the hospital : Heart attack ! Too young to die

Coach : These morons killed my reputation, now, no job.

All the other players : Are we going to get attacked by tomatoes or eggs? Do they throw this kind of things in Foot ball matches? I would do it, if I had some rotten eggs.

Well, on the other hand, German Dressing room:

Bring us Beer, Yeyyyy

I am sure If these refrees do an alcohol test on Manuel Neur  on the second half, he is sure to fail it because they all must be drinking beer by now merrily, Cheers!

Oh God, Why did I waste my precious time to watch this ball game , I am tired & going to sleep & tomorrow I will look at info to see how people talk about this with a serious note.

Ps: I still love Brazil, Ahh I know why because I like the forest! Should I take " ball games" seriously?

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