Sunday, March 30, 2014

The days with you


I wanted to see you today also…. like any other days, just to see you. It’s almost every day! Oh yes…. Every Day…how beautiful are they? I mean days….. Rainy days, sunny days, hot days, snowy days, even gloomy days. I don’t care how the days are like.  I like all the days. Because, everyday is a new day for me, with you. I like to see you, in everyday. I like to spend every hour, every minute with you, almost every day.

Rainy days, you are with a rainbow umbrella…oh that umbrella…it’s not helping you to cover yourself. I like to see, when you struggle to protect yourself from the rain and the wind. You are busy to protect yourself.  In one hand, you are struggling with an umbrella while other hand is struggling with your frock. Oh…this poor frock..It’s no longer obeyeing  you, But, the nasty wind.  It’s waving and going up and down with this nasty, weird wind. Finally, you get all wet in rainy days; you look so sexy then, I like to stare you, with wet cloths. How pretty your body is. It inspires me. Oh…I’m pretending that I’m not looking at you, though. You are staring at me while biting your lips. What a wonderful rainy day is this?

Sunny days…mmmm…I like to see you in sunny days too, because…you look so fair, your laugh, your energetic life style. You wear sun glasses and a short frock, with high heels, walking through the streets, like “Scarlet Johnson” with a fashionable hand bag. Everybody is looking at you. I like to hear, when those people mumble to themselves,

“Wow……Geez…Look at her”.

Those are the words I like to hear from people.

That’s how you make my days, sunny days.

Hot days…I like them  too because…you sweat in hot days…your face, your neck, all your body….all get reddish…I like to see your tired mood, and how you complain about the climate. Always you are trying to wipe your sweat with wet tissues. Those wet tissues…Oh….those are the luckiest wet tissues in this world. Because, they can explore all your body, in hot days. Some time, I dream to be your wet tissue. So, I can stick with you all the day. But, end of the day, will you throw me in to the garbage? Oh…girl. I can’t be your wet tissue then. This way is better than that, because I can feel you throughout the year now. 

 Ah…Snowy days…You in a sweater….you hide all your beauty. Do you think so? You hide everything? Not all.  Still I can see your face, your lips…those trembling inviting lips…and of course you’re talking black eyes…just fine eyes. Your eye brows…they are never  alone . How pretty they are. Why I didn’t see those talking eyes on the other days? 

Eventually, there come the gloomy days….I like to see your laziness in the gloomy days, you like a pussy cat. You don’t like to go anywhere. I like it. You try to cuddle up in a corner all day along. But it’s OK to watch…you with your downward mood  and all day you complaining about the climate. You loose your appetitie.  Let me prepare you nice food to bring back your tatsty buds. Oh…those gloomy days…I like to spend with you.  

Every day, I can fill my mind with your feeling …..Feeling? What feeling? I've never even  touched you; at least I’ve never seen you!

By Manu Fernando.

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