Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why should we love men?


We Love Men
Oh! They are amazing!

They always have Goals
even for a plate of rice
with some vegetables
They go for it,
Fiercly , determined
With eyes full of  Fire
Though the stomachs are full
Goal- oriented, that's their logo!

They always know what they want
exactly & accurately
Not a speck of doubt
Even for a Head Massage
Then they get it
Somehow or rather
With a smarter approach
Let's applaud!

They are the Great adventurers
Who climb mountains
Then jump off as soon as on the Top
Giving us goosebumps
Making us forget to breathe.

Where are the oxygen bottles?

They are the Cavemen
who Eat Cactus & Snails
Throwing away the proper food

Just to go back to Middle ages
Then they Dive
in Deep Deep sea
To watch colourful fish
& catch some too
with their Harpoons.

Too sharpened, aren't they?

They are the Politicians
Rather the amateurs of the topic
who critize the System
Beleiving they 'd always do better
than One in Power
if they're ever elected!
hate always the current President
Specially if he's another Man
They're so passionate about Voting
So, that's what matter, the Passion.

They are the Philosophers
Who Refuse Nobel prize
Who think Clearly & Simply

Give eloquent speeches,
On everything they have thought
For two hours at a stretch
Without missing a Comma
But giving us a Comma
We should always thank them- Merci Beaucoup
For teaching us How to think!

They are the Darlings
Who bring Rose-perfumed Deteregents
To do bit of Laundry & Rinse some plates
Who want us to be Equal
Because they go with the Trend
Wana be Egalitarians
Helping to carry some Slogans
But secretly wish for Poached Eggs
Love us, you will get Scrambled too!

They are the Sun rays of our Lives

The reason behind the Sunscreens
They are the Stars of our darker nights
Fluorescent lights flashing on our eyes
With out these Masculine adorable souls
World will only be a Boring Hell!
So,We should Love Men
Oh! They are amazing!

By Jahooli Devi

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