Saturday, March 29, 2014

My lonely house


I was so wrong many times,
Now I realized it certainly.
I was so wrong about you too,
It was a madness,
of course... sadness too.
But once more,
what can I change in my life?
If I can get you back ?
My Love is in a hurry,
I cannot resist.

If you do not arrive,
I do not exist anymore.
I am sad among the people,
that are passing by me.
but nobody can tell, if so.
This sun shines right on my face,
A sign of hope. I’m waiting,
if suddenly,
You might appear in the distance

Street lights, shop windows, 
vehicles, everything so confusing.
My shadow has got tired of following,
The day dies slowly,
I just have to go back 

to my lonely house
My own sad life,

Come back
If you do not arrive,
I do not exist anymore...

By Manu Fernando.

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