Monday, March 31, 2014

Smart Phones can ruin your Love!

Are you spending too much  time with your Smart phone or Laptop, rather than spending enough time with your partner ? Are you in Love with the Smart Phone or with your Partner? 

It’s true that technology is used to connect people and the communication has become easier. « We are connected » that is the attractive slogan we are after these days. But at the same time, « Are we connected ? » Because, technology may disconnect you from your beloveds & will be the reason behind your problems & eventually these Smart phones can have negative effects on your close relationships. 

When you have a Smartphone or Tab , you are always connected to the outside world and apparently you don’t have any private time for your own things. Specially, when you are with your partner, if that phone rings or gets an alert, definitely, your mind and body detach from your partner for a while. Sometime, this happen when you are discussing a critical event of your life.

Further, I have observed some couples, when they are together, one person is using the smartphone to play games or while the other chat with other friends. So, the point that I want to make here is, that smart phones, tablets can distract your attention from the present moment and it's not good for a healthy relationship at all. Moreover, according to the researches at the University of Essex, couples who engage in private discussions with a smart phone while they are together, are presenting lower relationship qualities and lower attention or concern, for their partners. It does not sound so smart !  

What is the other main reason which effect to a relationship from a smartphone? We know that we all can be connected to social medias through the mobiles phones. It means, we are always in touch with our friends. Sometimes, there are can be Ex-Partners among these friends, co-workers or some special friends. When you make close contacts with each and every day with them,  you may easily lead your mind to them rather than your actual partner ! Actually this happens unconsciously. Things will be worst, when you get a bad situation with your loved one because rather than you try to sort the problem with your partner, you may criticize your partner with them. So, it will lead to another problem.

Because of all the above reasons, Smart Phones or Tabs may lead to a  unhealthy relationship with your partner, upon its misusing.

Actually this  does not mean, you must put your smart phone to the ditch, specially when you need it for your day today work. 

So, here are some tips to use technology wisely, and to make a better relationship. 
  • Just set it aside. When you are on a date, it’s better to switch off your phone, or you can put it in to your bag, or a pocket on silent mode. Think , it is not the end of the world  if you can't check your e-mails or social media updates for two or three hours. 
  • Switch off your phone at night time. It will make your mind relax too, rather than hearing any rings or alerts sounds when you are making love with your partner.
  • Use social media wisely. Try not to express your private thoughts and everything on social medias. I know that, there are lots of people, giving impressions to the other that they are lonely, still they have a good partner. So, it will definitely attract others attention to you, specially, if you are a girl. Never keep close connection with your ex, on social medias. But, if you really need to connect with your partner on line always, with the privacy and without disturbing from others, use or those programs will allow you to have more privacy with your photos and stories away from the curious eyes from the others. 
  •  Make a sexy connection. You could use the Smartphone technology to add some spice to foreplay. As an example, you can send a sexy voice massage or you can say some sexy, fantasy story that you want to share or do with your partner for the next evening or on next holiday.
Please keep in mind that smart phones and other technology gadgets may give real negative impacts for your relationship. But using them wisely you can improve your relationship and you can start to feel more connected to your partner than ever.

Simply, be Smart !

By Manu Fernando

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