Sunday, March 30, 2014

10 annoying things you should know about Love


1. Love makes you sick from time to time, either you should fall in love with a doctor or you should know your own prescriptions if you want to be cured.

2. Love is addictive, If you don't have the habit of taking drugs, here is one, embrace it first, then we will take you to rehab.

3. Love makes you empty when your beloved is not around, so if you did not learn how to fill the blanks in the kindergarten, you will have serious issues now.

4. Love can tear you in to pieces, again be prepared to gather the shattered pieces & do a collage.

5. Love can leave holes in your life, so why don't you learn to stitch? 

6. Love won't leave you in peace , it is like a unhealed wound which you like to scratch from time to time just to see the blood, we are born sadistic, are not we?

7. Love is selfish , whatever the nonsense people say about unconditional love, we need the partner for our satisfaction and vice versa.

8. Love is a tearjerker, because when you don't get what you want, some tears would pop out naturally thanks to your constant anger. 

9. Love will drain your energy because that is the only thing which appears to you as important and you will think about it day & night, night & day.

10. Finally, love is annoying because we can not live without it , no matter how many motivational quotes you read, songs you listen, stories you read, we would always fight for it, give everything we have got.

Is not it sweetly annoying?

By Jahooli Devi 

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