Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to get ready for the First Date ?

Is this your First Date? Anxious already? Worried what to do?  Of course, you should be! This is the very first day that you are going to give an impression about you, which lasts forever in his or her mind , a life time impression. Go through the below tips. It will give you some ideas for a first date.

If you are a girl or a boy, you should pay much attention to your Skin. You must remember that skin is the largest organ of the human body & it is the first thing any one could see at first sight. Whether your skin is fair or dark, it doesn’t matter. But, it should be fresh and clean & above all look healthy! And the hair, of course. It should be clean & neat too. Clean hands and nails will be an added value for your appearance. If you are a girl paint your nails, if you don't like it at least cut them properly. If you are a boy, please find your lost nail cutter and stop bitting the nails for a while.  The face should look fresh too, of course. Use some moisturizer to hide the cracks! Above all, please take care of your body odor. If you stink as if your body has have never seen a drop of water for ages, there is a high possibility, your partner will shrink the nose! Use a good body fragrance of your choice. If you don't have any of these, atleast take a  proper shower just to save the day.  

The other important thing is your native assets. Everyone has their own unique features. If you got it, flaunt it!  if you’re a guy, your body shape and the height. Dress with a style to highlight your handsome body. After all, that is why you have been working on your muscles all day long! And if you’re a girl, boys will defentely look at your breasts, hips and the butt. So, pay attention to select a dress which gives  more attraction for those assets. It does not mean you should always go for the super mini skirt and the cleavage exposing deep cut blouse. Dress with a style, elegantly. You are a lady, don't you?  But don't look "too good"  on the first date as well . It’s because, some boys may not like in that way because they might think you are too good for them and they will be discouarged soon thinking about the future fights they have to go throught to protect you from other boys! 

If you are a boy always try to wear branded materials, watches, trousers, shirts. It’s because basically women like the image of wealth. On the other hand they think, “If He could pamper himself with luxuries, he would pamper me too with luxuries”. But keep remember that dress for the occasion. And always be comfortable with your dress. It’s because, if you are uncomfortable with your dress, it will be shown up on your face for sure. If you burrow the branded clothes of your collegue make sure , they really fit in to you, no one like a scarecrow with clothes hanging from here & there!

Always try to have nice charming smile, it is a jewel for your face. Go infront of the mirror and smile, practice, don't fake, it should come from your heart.  And the way you talk, try to listen carefully and answer. It should be a conversation where both get a chance to talk. Don’t be a chatter box. Lot of boys don’t like to have a girl who has a chatter box. If you’re a boy respect the girl as much as possible, give an attention to her desires. They admire it. And if you have personal skills, let them know about it. Everybody likes to have a person with unique skills, like painting, playing music instruments, Etc…specially Girls want a guy who knows how to keep his woman happy.

The other important thing is the venue. And this part is directly goes to the male's side. If you go to a restaurant with your girl, you may ask the waitress to do some value added services for your table, like more flowers, more candles. Try to show how this meeting is important to you and how you care about her happiness. And for the girls, admire whatever he did for your convenience or happiness. 

After above all keep remember to be yourself. Don’t try  to be a fake person.
Good luck girls and boys! Let's know us the results.

By Manu Fernando

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