Sunday, March 30, 2014

From Lovers to Friends

I love you tonight
like I'd never be able to love you again in my life
Because you want to be My friend
rather than My lover
From tommorow,
I don't have a lover in my life again
I have a friend
like the many friends
who are around me.
I don't have anyone special
to pour my heart out...
Let's be friends
Those words
made my heart empty like a blank paper
Pale white
Drained my desire to Live...
I fell in to a dead silence
my heart was benumbed for a while
It did not respond to anything
I was sad
I can not find any word other than that
of not being able to love
as I want
You wanted me to be your friend
He wanted me to be his girl
They wanted me to be this & that
and who knows what
Comes next...
Wish badly the fountain I sat by,
Was deep enough!

By Jahooli Devi

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