Monday, March 31, 2014

To My Love


You are the Melon & Cacahuète,
flavours contrasting
stored in the deep corners
in the ice cream shop
which I devour greedily & hastily

You are the cold side
of my pillow
smooth & gentle
which my young shrivelled hands 
search for comfort
later on at night, the small feet

You are the colourless drops that fills
in the corners of my eyes
for no reason
when the heart is empty
when the mind goes astray
which I smell
to find its name
but not daring
to taste...

You are the polite man
with diamond eyes
rosy lips, cheeks, nose & ears
who sat infront of me
wearing a blue pull over
at the small restaurant of Cerises sur le Gateau
where I ate from my eyes, widely opened
as the mouth kept jabbering

I love you like a Man
with the courage of the heart
with flowers on the hand
running across the city
to catch last minute trains
just to sit by the side, silently....

I love you like a Child,
with a fragile soft heart
pointing at the toy cart
dancing around, ruthlessly
screaming violently
just to get attention, cunningly...

I love you like a Mother
with the caring of the heart
gazing in to far far horizon
waiting patiently with deep tight sighs
till the arrival of her beloved son,
just to give a hug, dearly...

By Jahooli Devi

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