Monday, March 31, 2014

Love-Hate Cake


I loved him for love's sake
Coz I could not find a name sake
I wanted to care him for God's sake
So to please him I baked a Cake 

Cakes are what, just flour & sugar
Mixed in a hurry , with some butter
Added this & that, I did batter
As the eyes glitter when butterflies flutter

Came Lord for tea, gave him my love
As pure as the white innocent dove
Alas, he removed his tight black glove
Showed the wedding ring & gave me a shove 

Oh, my heart beat fast
at the refusal of my beloved's heart
Yet,I cut the Cake like a lady so smart
mixed the grains poisoned with Black Art

Aye, he ate like a pig, thanking the treat
all forgetting the terrible cheat
He fell in a flash in front of my feet
I cooked his meat to celebrate my Feat

By Jahooli Devi

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