Monday, March 31, 2014

I am all open for you


While beggars queuing up 
with bunch of roses
begging for a body 
that would decay one day
I need 
one dark red rose from you
that ugly dark red rose 
yet, so mysterious
to live eternally...
I am thirsty for your love
Ah! can not resist this thirst.
I need
dark dark blood comes out 
from your heart
to create the orgasmic fountain of passion
to quench my soul...
I said I need, I don't want
Words, I am ashamed
for their incapacity 
for their selfish lackness
to express what I have for you...
Knowing it would not come to me 
I run towards you 
at the speed of a galloping horse,
to kiss your pink lips,
suck your tongue
Just to feel the the breath 
stored in your lungs...

I need your sex planted 
like a knife in my body
slitting  my organs little by little 
internal bleeding, I love the pain
I want you to climb up, so up inside me
slowly, slowly, slowly
till I feel full, till I cannot breath
your sex swirling around deep inside me
like a cyclone at its climax...
You opened up my new heart
just below there
Breaking in to my virginity 
that never existed!
I just wanted to say
Mon amour 
I am all open for you.

By Jahooli Devi

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