Monday, July 13, 2015

Banana Republic


Banana Republic
actually has a cabinet of
38 Bananas & 2 Mangoes
They go bananas every day
What a "Banana Flower" is this?

1. His Excellency Anamalu: Minister of Defence  & Mahaweli Development & Environment

2  Hon. Prime Minister Ati Kehel: Minister of Policy Planning Economic Affairs, Child Youth    & Cultural Affairs

3  Hon. Moondam: Minister of Public order, Disaster management, Chirstian   Affairs

4 Hon. Diya Moondam: Minister of Home Affairs & Fisheries

5 Hon. Wathu Palu: Minister of Food Security

6 Hon. Aeta Maru: Minister of Foreign Affairs

7 Hon. Pooja Watti Kesel :  Minister of Public Administration, Provincial Councils, Local Government and Democratic Governance Minister of Buddha Sasana

8 Hon. Rathambala: Minister of Plantation Industries

9 Hon. Ambun: Minister of Finance

10 Hon. Unel: Minister of Urban Development, Water Supply and Drainage

11 Hon. Seeni Kehel: Minister of Power and Energy

12 Hon. Poowalu: Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine

13 Hon. Pulathisi: Minister of Irrigation and Agriculture

14 Hon. Koli Kuttu:  Minister of Higher Education, Highways and Investment                                                     Promotion

15 Hon. Bin Kehel: Minister of Lands

16 Hon. Kandula: Minister of Housing and Samurdhi

17 Hon. Alu Kesel: Minister of Justice and Labour Relations

18 Hon. Wadane Kehel: Minister of Mass Media and Parliamentary Affairs

19 Hon. Rath Kehel: Minister of Tourism and Sports

20 Hon. IC2 : Minister of Ports, Shipping and Aviation

21 Hon. Prasad: Minister of Industry and Commerce

22 Hon. Nadee: Minister of Plantation Infrastructure Development

23 Hon. Nethrampalam:  Minister of Resettlement, Reconstruction and Hindu                                                         Religious Affairs

24 Hon. Seeni Kehel:   Minister of Education

25 Hon. (Mrs) Karutha Kolamban:  Minister of Foreign Employment

26 Hon. Ati Kehel (jr):  Minister of Internal Transport

27 Hon. Muwanthi Kehel: Minister of Social Services, Welfare and Livestock Development

28 Hon. (Mrs) Pol Amba: Minister of Women’s Affairs

29 Hon. Unel (jr): Minister of Muslim Religious Affairs and Posts

30 Hon. Wathu Palu (jr):  Minister of Disaster Management

31 Hon. Kandula (jr) : Minister of Labour

32 Hon. Koli Kuttu (jr): Minister of Skill Development and Vocational Training

33 Hon. Pooja Watti Kesel (jr): Minister of Higher Education and Research

34 Hon. Meti Kithila:  Minister of Rural Economic Affairs

35 Hon. Wal Kesel (jr):  Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Development

36 Hon. Muwa nethi Kehel (jr) :  Minister of Special Projects

37 Hon. Kochchi Kehel:  Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

38 Hon. Rathambla (jr): Minister of Aviation Services

39 Hon. Pulathisi (jr): Minister of Irrigation

40 Hon. Diya moondam (jr): Minister of Fisheries

By Jahooli Devi


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