Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to get rid of your EX ?


Here is an exclusive lesson on EX.  Write this on your exercise book.

1.They don't deserve any place in your life, all you Ladies & Gentleman should learn to become exorcists because eventually it will help to expel all these unnecessary evil spirits  from your life. 

2. When you expiate on your sins, sometimes you prefer to run down by the express way but let the Karma decides!

3. As you always have to pay for excess baggage, remember to carry what is really necessary to you.

4. You may excel at filling Excel sheets at the office or keep a track on the exchange rates, but if you don't excise those Exes from your life expunging from your memory & showing them the Exit because their place is exterior, your life will be exploited by past & you will explode everyone your way for no exact reason. Expediency is the solution. 

5. They are indeed a Pest, exterminate them immediately, the more they extinct from this earth the more happiness you will get because they are just the extractors of your joy & energy. 

6. Now get an exemplar of this exemplary lesson on existentialism made easy, that we are responsible for our actions because the Ex did not create the world as you may have thought that he was a Demigod.

7.You should quickly register for an external degree, take extra-mural lessons or get an extensive course on ex-cology to handle this situation in Life, you will have a lot of practical experiments & case studies, lot of exigencies to get some credits, subjects are complex, you will be perplexedand vexed by the department of excology but ultimately you will be an expert on this field with First Class Honours. 

 8. Find an exercise machine, work on your abs during your extra time, learn to express yourself like an expressionist which will add colour to your expressionless life.

 9. Stop being an exhibitionist on social media with your silly pranks because those expositions are so vain. Be a useful extrovert coming out from your dark holes which sucks gradually your life expectancy rate. 

10. Become an Explorer, even if it is exploring your home garden, closing temporarily your Internet explorer because Google does not have solutions for everything.( read this and close!)

So dear friends, stop excoriating the Ex for leaving you because it is the extraordinary relief you can ever have in your life. 

I say it with such an exactitude today & this exuberance with in me should be shared with everyone.
Is this is too much exaggeration for those EXpletive Exes?

By Jahooli Devi

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