Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Friend

Why do you grieve so much my friend?
Why does your guitar sound so sad, what’s wrong?
Is it love my dear friend… 
has your great love left you ?
Anyone who has loved and lost, 
knows that is happens from time to time.
The grief can be heavy to bear,
But betrayal by lovers is something we must learn to live with,
I also have lost too, my dear,
Did you believe this could happen only to you?
So…have you some happy song to play, 
please, please…play for me!!
Long live… my best friend!
Fill your glass and make a toast, to "love" my friend…
Play and play that melody and sing a song of happiness…
So…Long live to love my friend…
Shall we make a toast to the others…my friend?
To have eternal love, and to the faith that lives in every song?
Or shall we toast to each other? 
Would you like to drink to the joy with me?
It’s true what they say; 
the enchanting fairytale never, ever lasts,
So…Long live to love, My friend…

By Manu Fernando
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