Monday, January 19, 2015

I am so fainthearted!


I am so fainthearted! 
Every time I pass the butcher's shop in Kottawa,
I look away to avoid the unpleasant view of mutton & chicken,
hanging on the hooks,
cursing devil like butchers 
carrying large knives who chop chop chop
their path to hell! 
At the super market in Aix,
I don't touch fish with eyes because they frown at me
"Don't you dare touch me"
I get scared 
such a weak soul I am!
I choose frozen square shaped fish 
with no eyes
sighing & thinking about mother's Ambul Thiyal curry,
At KFC, 
I am the first to stand in the queue 
looking at the big board full of mouth watering crusty chicken,
Why do I find the young boys at that cashier 
so attractive, 
not the butchers covered in blood?

By Jahooli Devi

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