Friday, January 9, 2015

Self - reflection


There is a child in me
wearing the Kos Kola crown
wanting to be the King
never the Queen
in every game I play

There is a child in me
Like the kites I used to fly
with the village Kollo
though with strings attached
On square paddy fields
In a sweaty heyday

There is a child in me
Burning the Habarala Yams
Under the Rambutan tree
waiting to be the woman
of Robin Hood or of that kind
In a Kompittu play day.

There is a semi- precious child
Within me & in you
Among apparent Blue sapphires
refusing the requests
to be polished, dragged from the pits
just to bring joy
to a digger's day !

By Jahooli Devi

1. Kos Kola : Jack fruit Tree Leaves
2. Kollo : Boys
3. Habarala : Wild long Yam 
4. Rambutan : hairy looking asian fruit tree
5. Kompittu : Child play with sand blocks made by coconut shells
6. Babek : Baby
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