Thursday, August 7, 2014

Passionate Love poems


Body can explain amazingly

Stay a little closer to me,
Hold me and kiss me tenderly,
It may feel sparkling inside,

There are not any words to explain it,

But never be afraid,

Coz' not only words,
But also Body can explain,
Things amazingly.

Stay in love forever and ever

I can see your eyes sparkling,
I can feel your breath on my chest,
I can feel the warmth of the body,

The touch of your hand, makes me crazy.

The smell of your hair, reminds me jasmine,

Your lips with a smile, kissing mine,
You embrace me with passion,
This way we never gonna apart,
And stay in love forever and ever.

I never, never dreamed a night like this

It was so nice to see your moves,
And to tango with you,
When you lean on my body,

It’s tickling my heart,

Touching on your moving hip,

Kissing your pinky lips,
Hearing your racing heart,
Forcing me to be together with you,
I cannot believe,
Can you ever dream a night like this?
I've never, never dreamed a night like this.

I’m all yours tonight

Though night is very dark,
stars are shining right above us,

just hold me tight and kiss me my love,

warm breeze is whispering “I love you”,

I was wondering this moment since long,
Don’t  leave me alone tonight,
take me to your arms,
I’m all yours tonight.

Close your eyes and come to me honey

Feelings of lust,
your glance,
in my heart I feel,

you are so inviting, 

and my thirsty feelings,

It’s like glasses of honey in my mind,
close your eyes and come to me honey.   


Don’t wanna loose any second of this moment


The words that you whisper in my ears, 
racing my heart beat, 

fills my mind with passion, 

your soft lips, warmth my body gently, 

I’m begging yours more and more, 
your soft touch punch through my skin to entire body, 
I may lose control over you, 
don’t wanna lose any second of this moment.

This night gonna never end

Your dark eyes made me wild, 
you slipped your arms around my waist; 

my body trembled with desire, 

you made the fire flame of passion, 

it’ll become a raging fire soon, 
I pressed my body to yours, 
while you kissed my lips gently, 
it feels I lost my bonds to the body, 
this night gonna never to forget.

I want you inside me

Lips want to touch your lips,
Ears want to hear your moan,

Eyes want to see your desire,

Skin wants soak your warmth,

Arms wants hug your body,
Hip wants to touch your hip,
I want you inside

Perhaps this time forever

This time all I wanted,
something so special and sacred thing,

in your eyes.

for just this moment,

to be warm and naked,
at your side.
It feels that you'll never realize me,
but perhaps this time forever...


This moment forever

When the night falls, 
the cold breeze passes by,
the moon takes the place in the sky,
Stars twinkle like diamonds,
I close my eyes,
You beside me and lean on me, 
I open my eyes to see you,
Holding me, in your arms,
Pressing your body against mine,
When you lock my lips in yours,
So I could feel the taste,
I want keep this moment forever.

I'm gonna marry you!!!

Never tell you this way before, 
never think of you this way before, 
never felt you this way before, 
never seen you this way before, 
never touch you this way before, 
never smell you this way before,
never kiss you this way before,
I just married you!!! 

Never wanna wake up 


My heart’s ticking, 
your dizzy eyes, 
in my heart - asking something. 
I feel passion and you are hoping, 
something strange, 
I’m thirsty but it’s not for wine. 
My stubborn body, 
you don’t wanna stop further, 
Want to be in a warm dream with you, 
and I never wanna wake up. 

Lips, they also told me the same secretly

I saw a world of dreams, 
you and me, 
underneath the shine of moon and stars, 
I remember the warmath of your body, 
and the fondness of your heart, 
our souls had a bond like eternity, 
I remember your eyes, 
they told me,
how it feels your mind and body. 
I remember, 
your half parted pinky lips, 
they also told me the same, 

By Manu Fernando

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