Monday, November 9, 2015

Fathima & I


Fathima & I
We were Montessori friends
She’s a Muslim, I am a Buddhist
She always had Mehendi on hands
That was the only difference,
We danced 
for a concert
She was the Flower, I was the Butterfly.
That was quite a show!

"රන්වන් පාටයි සමනළයා 
රෝස මලේ පැණි බීල ගියා 
ආයිත් ඒවිද ඒ සමනළයා 
මල්වල පැණි බොන්ටා "

I did not meet her after Montessori days
I met her suddenly one day
We were 24 years old.
She was an English teacher, I was still at University
She was worried about her marriage:
“You know the girls in my age, all married 
& having children,
I am too late for everything”
She talked about Quran, I talked about Feminism
I said I wanted to travel more,
She laughed sighed & left.

I heard she got married when I studied for Masters,
She decided to wear Burqua
I knew she would because
Studying Quran was her favorite hobby
I had a fascination for her spiritual
I felt like a sinner.
She had two children, while I had two Masters
She wore all black, covered from head to foot
I had courage to wear a Bikini
Who won? Was there a contest between us?
Shame on us.

Recently, I was waiting in a queue
To get my driving license,
Lady in Burqua was standing behind me
A driving license?
I looked at her
She smiled at me
From her eyes,
That was all I could see
She smiled again
there was a sparkle in her eyes
But, there was no mouth
No nose, No face, No body
Not even Mehendi
All covered in black clothes,
She was still beautiful.

How can I know whether it’s Fathima,
My friend, The Flower?

By Jahooli Devi

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