Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I was having my last evening walk in the village.

Met flowers on my way , pink flowers, yellow flowers, red flowers, blue flowers, white flowers. I asked their names, but they never replied as usual, only smiled coyly. 
  I told them that I would leave soon & would not be able to seem them again, may be never. They were amazed, but did not utter a word, they were sad too, I knew it. Don't leave, they never said, because they were not allowed to talk, they never talk, I was frustrated for a while.

He was, there, sitting on the bench by the fountain, waiting. I gave him invisible hugs from far, his cheeks turned in to a pink peach. I asked him how he was doing, but he never replied as usual, only looked at me with glittering eyes. I told him calmly that I would leave soon, would not be able to see him ever again, in life. He did not shed tears nor he uttered a word. I only sighed.

I continued to walk, thinking to myself all beautiful things are unbearably silent, Silence is their inner beauty, we should never wake them up from their silence, neither flowers nor him. 

 I should never be that selfish.

By Jahooli Devi

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