Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pearls of Wisdom


The Beginning is really hard you'll never know where and what to start. Life has no remote controller to function as what we wanted to do. No rewinds, nor replays and no fast forwards.

Like the wind, we can move freely to the surface, like the sea we are free to dance at the middle of the oceanic place. We can be molecules to produce more substance and can create more atom provides more substance we needed.

So many things you can look forward to start again many reasons for you to rise again. Don't let yourself die in unreasonable and unrealistic life.

Close the door of your doubt, your fear of all negative thoughts. 

Open a new door of forgiving, trust and love. 

Live life with God and your life will be full of light  everyday you live  joyfully and lovely as the brighter sun,as charming as the flowers in the garden. 

Life is short so live life to the fullest. Soon you'll see what you deserve best.

By Elma Millare

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