Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I never wanna wake up


I saw a world of dreams, 
you and me, 
underneath the shine of Moon and stars, 
I felt the warmth of your body, 
and the fondness of your heart, 
our souls had a bond, eternal bond, 
I remember your eyes, 
they told me,
how you feel it for your mind and body. 
I remember, 
your half-parted pinky lips, 
they also told me the same, 
My heart’s ticking, 
your dizzy eyes, 
in my heart - asking something. 
I feel passion and you are hoping, 
something strange, 
I’m thirsty but it’s not for Wine. 
My stubborn body, 
you don’t wanna stop either, 
Want to be in a warm dream with you, 
and I never wanna wake up. 

By Manu Fernando

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