Friday, April 4, 2014

With you Without you


To be with you is an intangible dream
there are spaces      &      barriers.
useless & cruel;                       spaces
Marseille to Aix - en provence
Train to station                              
spaces unavoidable, i r r i t a t i n g
Wish earth a one place

A table full of   
Indian food 
to keep us apart
four legged monster 
well decorated
who do you think you are?
just wooden junk , 
I will break your leg!

Crumbs of Nann 
sticking to your moustache
juicy chicken thigh 
playing with your taste buds
mouth watering glorious Gulab Jamun
that goes inside you, happily
How come food stole my place?

Finally, a bed to unite us
what a deception!
that one inch between us;
then your soft but firm skin;
that organ inside me;
stops at one wall;
your mouth, lips & tongue;
can not swallow me full;
your ribs so strong;
like the guardians that block; 
the entrance of my soul;
to your body;
that armoured tattoo;
engraved to your skin;
shield of your heart;
blankets, clothes, pillows;
boots,socks & pants;
everything block me, mercilessly.

Why are you absent Mon amour
when you are there?
Be with me when you are with me
Go, open the gates of your soul
Youandme should be one, 
one day
because Iloveyou and Youaremine
without any space. 

By Jahooli Devi

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