Thursday, April 17, 2014



I find it everywhere, happiness, that jewel many cannot find, that many search in vain.

It's there, a coconut from Sri Lanka lying on a sad looking exotic fruit corner in the super market priced at 1 euro.

Its there, a huge box of Ceylan tea in another corner waiting majestically to be picked up by a delicate hand.

It's there, a sack full of orange Dhal found in a dangerous open air Arabian market, a place not dared by any french feet.

It's there, the smell of spices, cinnamon or curry powder, bottled up nicely,  inhaled by a thirsty nose.

Oh, the list is not over.

It's there , the scorching provincial sun, which makes me red & sweat, yet in a sweet way.

It's there, butterflies & bees who visit our flowery garden in search of me! Do they?

It's there, the so green wild grass which grow like the hair on my legs, so excited, out of control.Yes, I like them.

It's there, the calmness of sea at Niolon, the saltiness in the air, the sailing boats waiting patiently.

Oh, the list is not over.

It's there, an empty bottle of Compote d'abricots, biologique et authentique rest among the precious on my study table.

It's there, a ten digit number, which appears on the phone randomly or a short voice message well protected.

It's there, a passionate kiss by a soft spoken , rough , mysterious man with sweet pink lips, so contrasting!

It's there, finally, my life itself which I am blessed with, No where else, so stopped I searching.

By Jahooli Devi

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