Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Father had a girlfriend


Once upon a time, my father had a girl friend whom he loved very much. But, they were only very best friends. He always knew that she had another boy to marry. But, my father and she were kept talking to each other as much as they could.

But sometime she was telling, bad things about her fiancé, sometimes she was telling:

“I regret about my fiancé, I feel so sorry about myself, I never should have loved him, but I can’t do anything about this now, it’s too late”. 

My father just listened to those sad stories and never asked her to give up him, and never asked the reason  for not loving him or the reason about the regret. He always stayed calm nearby her, like a glacier. But he was crying in heart every time she talked like that. When they were talking, sometime she used to sing the tune of “To Love Somebody by Bee gees”. And she asked my father:

“Don’t you like that song? I like it very much.”

But my father never tried to listen to that song carefully or look at the lyrics of that song on that era. He just listened to that song like any other song.

Though, things happened like that way, my father never asked out her. It’s because, he knew that her fiancé was richer than him. So, he wanted to give her a  better life. And my father thought, asking out her, while she was having a fiancé, was not ethical. He didn’t only love her, but also he had a great respect for her. 

When time passed by one day she told my father that she was going to marry her fiancé and she cannot talk to my father any more but she wanted to keep the true friendship, in her heart forever and asked my father to do so too. 

My father never wanted to break up with her. At the same time he didn’t want to hurt her heart too. So he promised her that he would never talk to her again, and he also promised to keep the friendship and her memories in his heart forever.

After around fifteen years of this event, he always used to ask from himself, did she ever love him ? And did he do something wrong to her? Those questions were haunting in his mind always.

One day he listened to that song “To love somebody” accidentally on radio. Then he listened, very carefully every word of in that song. Then He cried a lot same as on the day which he said good bye to her!!!

P.S: - Now my father is dead. I had to read almost all of his diaries to gather this scattered story to put together.

By Manu Fernando

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