Thursday, April 10, 2014

You belong to someone else

I remember,
When the sun goes down,
When my heart fills with emptiness,
You came to me with a magic smile.
We just staring beyond the mountain tops,
While dreaming about us, 
Sitting on a bench under this peach tree. 
You lean on to me like a child,
Flirting with me,
you hold my hands and keep them on your chest,
And Saying you never leave me. 
Touching my hair, kissing my lips, 
I used to hum a love song to you sometimes, 
Till the darkness comes.
I didn’t have any happiness, but you,
I didn’t have any hope, but you,
I remember the day which you told me that secret.   
But, never regret to hear so….. 
Coz’ I knew you belong to someone else!!!

By Manu Fernando

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