Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Under the old Oak tree


As usual, I met her under the old Oak tree. That is the only oak tree, which is nearby a wooden bench. That was where I met her for the first time. We sat on the wooden bench. Then, she looked into my eyes for a while and leaned on to my shoulders. I am always happy to stay like that, So, I can feel her breath and smell. Then she runs her fingers through my chest. Her silky hair is struggling with the blowing wind. All are seems to be OK, except one thing. Not like other days, she didn’t talk with me much. I could feel how deeply she breaths, sometimes it was a deep sigh. 

“Why this?"

Instead of answering me, she embraced me tightly. Then I turned my face to her eyes, I could see there are some sparkling teardrops in her eyes which, is trying ooze out soon. I kept my lips on her forehead. Suddenly, she moved her head woken up by the sound of a goose in the pond. She holds my hands and gave a deep look into my eyes and turned her eyes towards to the mountain range, while biting softly her lower lip.
Then she stood up and moved a bit forward, still looking at “Tatra mountain range”. I was looking her back, how beautiful is she? I thought to myself. She is wearing a  short frock like the very first day that I saw her. My mind ran away to seven months back.

I’m an Estonian who came to Zakopane, Poland for work. I met her nearby this old oak tree in last winter season. Since then she was falling in love with me. She is everything to me. My life is in this unknown country, would be meaningless without her sweet love. She gave everything to me. So… I couldn’t think about a life without her.

I could hear she was crying softly, and I could see it, while looking at her trembling body. Suddenly she turned back and ran to me. I stood up. She straightly came to me and hugged me like a baby. She was crying hardly.
“Why is this…?”

I asked softly, holding her shoulders and while moving her a little away from me. Now I can see her lovely face closely. Her eyes are reddish, her pink lips are trembling and yellowish. Tears are oozing upon her pinky cheeks. 

Then she awakes her shaking voice…”I’m sorry Edie...I’m really sorry”

 "For what Juliana?"

 "I didn't want to lose you ever, that’s why I cheated on you"

"You cheated...? What...? What are you talking about Yuli?"

"I’m Sorry Edie...I’m a married woman"

And I didn't speak anything. I just stayed still.

She was surprised at my silence. And looked into my face. 

"Edie... why you stay still...? why don't you slap me? ...please do it...I deserve it.
I remained in the silent and sat on the bench. She is still sobbing. I knew, she didn't know that, it was known to me, she was a married woman, since the day I met her.

"Yuli I knew that...since the beginning."

She continued with the shaking voice.

"How could that be possible...Edie?”

"The day that we met, I saw the wedding ring on your finger. But the next I didn't see it. I knew that you were pretending as a single. Day by day you were close to me. Eventually, I felt you were a part of my soul. I didn't want to lose you either...But now I feel, I did a wrong thing...Because...I should have told you that, then you may walk away from me, at the very beginning. I created this sadness in you, Yuli.... I’m really sorry...My love”
"No...No...don't say that, you never did any wrong, This is the happiest time in my life. Though I am married to Kyle, he never loved me. Sometime he didn't come home for months. He lives his own life, I am not in his world. So you are the person who made my life. I knew that I got a special place in your heart. I thought, if I tell you about my marriage, you may go away from me. I never wanted to lose you, even now. That's why I cheated on you...Edie..... I’m sorry, Oh god...” 
She was crying while hitting her head on the bench. 
Then I turned towards her and hide her face on my chest. It is almost 6’o clock. It will be dark soon. we must leave, before the dark.

 By Manu Fernando

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