Saturday, April 26, 2014

It is a sickness that is not cured easily because you can't keep a record of the symptoms. It is a depressing feeling of needing your partner always, even when he is around. First, symptoms are sending SMS, Skype messages, emails, letters ( in an obsessive way) or whatever the telecommunication methods to stay in touch with the lover ( even when you don't have anything to tell). Then you move on to search that person everywhere perfectly knowing that perosn is not there like in random streets , inside an egg, under the bed, in the sky etc... Then, when the lover is around, you start to miss him, even when he is sitting next to you . 


 " I miss you baby"
"What? I am here."
" Yeah, I know, but I miss you right now, too"

By : Jahooli Devi

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