Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Typing poems

I remember, twenty years back, when we were teenagers, I was writing love poems to you. Oh yes…I never wrote love letters to you. I really don’t know why? Only poems.  I wrote poems on papers, with a ball point pen. Then, right after I wrote, I wanted to give those to you. I can’t post it of course. Coz, if it’s handed  to a wrong person? I can’t let a mistake to happen. So, I waited until I mee you. I counted the days with my fingers to meet you. Not like today, no internet, no Skype, no e-mails, no SMS. But, it was nice to wait always, it raised my enthusiasm to see you always. Waiting was my one and only happiness those days, waiting and waiting…oh…yes and waiting. It always kindled the hope.
When I meet you, I hand in my poem to you. You slowly, slowly, open it with shaking fingers, and read, may be twice, may be thrice. So...I watch your face. I can see the facial changes…your face begins to be reddish, your eyes, widely opened, your fore head with an exclamation…and then you look at me with a sweet smile, sometimes with sad eyes. you don’t talk with me for a moment and then sigh. A deep sigh!!! Again, keep that piece paper on your lips, and then on the nose, while you breath heavily, then roll your lips. Then smile again. Oh…gosh…how much I like to see those facial impressions? So...I think to myself…. its worth more than waiting for my life time, to see those things of you. The next thing is the best part of this…you tell…

“It smells good…I mean… scent of this…I like it…what did you put on to this?”

“Nothing” I say,

“M…m…m...Well, then it may your life’s smell on this piece of paper, it remains here”

Oh...yes…it may be my life’s smell. It is wrapped over this piece of paper. But it’ll fade within few days. 

Eventually….You got married to someone else. I got married to someone else. Our destinies led us to diffrent destinations. I stopped by another women. You stopped by another man. Though you are well educated , you choose to be a house wife. I choose to be with computers as my profession.

But…Still I’m writing to you. Writing?... oh no…. no more writings…I’m typing…yes…thinking and typing… But I don’t wait to give those to you, like before. Coz, I know, we never gonna meet again. And now…if I want...There are so many ways hand in those letters with more security. Security? for those poems? Why? Oh….no..no…, no more security…instead of that I publish those in the “internet”. Otherwise what I’m going to do with those?

Ah...I forgot… I just want to mention something, have you ever noticed that “WE” are always nearby each other? And, “YOU & I” are always nearby each others.

Of course yes….But where?

Oh…gosh…on the “computer key board”….each time I strike on them to type, I remind our sweet memories. It feels me, “you & I” never be parted, “we” always be together in my typing poems. 

By – Manu Fernando.

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