Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Fool


I have encountered love in its Purest form. I have encountered love in its Worst form. 

He called me by the name "Little flower" I called him by the name "Big tree". He was a great traveller as well as a huge fan of wild life . Having a keen interest in nature, I was simply attracted by his smart talks and adventurous experiences in the forest. I promised to meet him one day for real. That was our first real meeting and believe me, it fell on 1st of April, April Fool's Day.  What a coincidence!

We laughed at the idea on our way to "Paradise" he promised to show me on our first date. I gave him a small bronze elephant key tag as a souvenier because he loved elephants and sometimes, I actually called him "My little Elephant" . He gave me a huge chocolate which I still keep the wrapping. He touched my hand while driving and I was so speechless for the first time in life and I opened my eyes wide and butterflies flew insanely inside me. Then we entered in to a hill area where he drove upwards in a side road. To my amazement, it was a lush greeny and shady rubber estate where there was a cascading waterfall in the middle. It was like refreshing welcome for both of us to a whole new world. As soon as we got down from the car we started to climb the small hill in a great hurry. I followed him to the zenith where huge rocks awaited us. Despite the sweating faces, he held me by the waist and kissed my lips and murmured

"Little flower I love you".

I was so touched by those words and I gave him salty kiss while tears cascaded on my cheeks. I felt that I was the luckiest girl on the earth. I smelled the pure nature.I smelled the pure love. The lush green sight, the sporadic blue sky, white foaming waterfall embroiderd wonderfully to our love stitch that I was so proud to be the owner of this love story which can only appear in fiction.We drank flowing water believing it was the divine nectar sent by heaven for Soul mates. 

But then,we had to climb down ! We have climbed to the top in a rush and it was hard getting down! I slipped, held in to roots, got scratched by thrones and got hurt by blood sucking leeches! Yes, we came down. And to my surprise not sure whether to my disgust he wanted to go to a Hotel room with me.I guessed what he meant. It was our first date. Suddnely I felt his words betrayed my innocent love,I felt poison in my pure love.I was lost between tradition and love. I refused.I felt so blank and he drove me home after having lunch and we talked only causalities. The gap was already created.I got off near my house and finally I touched his face. 

"Will meet again big tree" 

"OK".  He flew off. 

Yes, he flew off from my life. He was not Mr.Darcy to wait patiently, he was a Wickham. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he ignored my calls or mails from that day, rather I was confused. He changed his mobile number and he disappeared forever. Silent rocks, silent rubber trees, innocent water fall witnessed my love. How could I prove him that I loved him ? Recently I had courage to call his land number. He hung up the phone saying that he doesn’t know anyone by my name.I heared those words for real.

Dear Big tree, why did not you let me love freely as pure as an innocent little flower? Why did not you let me grow with full of love and care under your warm shade? Why did you pluck out the roots of our sweet love? Yet, I continued my life with these unanswered questions.
Still , my heart wants to scream so hard
"I have encountered love in its purest form,I have encountered love in its worst form. 
Once in a life time I became a real April fool & every year, I laugh so hard on that day because I was fooled Forever.

By Jahooli Devi

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