Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to be Happy? Happiness is...


Recently, I wrote a poem about happiness based on my life but I have described my happiness, my personal experience in the poem rather than talking about a universal happiness, a happiness that is valid for all.  

 It is true inner happiness is not a common thing to be shared, it is personal, it should come within yourself, it is a like a supreme bliss.

How to be happy is a question I hear every where.
No matter how many stories or poems we read,  the number of motivational quotes we post on social net works,  it is an individual project.

Happiness is a project you should begin from now on.  All the projects need an investment, likewise, "The Project Happiness" needs your very own personal investment. You should only have a "Rich Soul".

  • Wake up everyday murmuring to yourself that you will be happy throughout the day no matter all the hardships which lie ahead of you throughout the day.  If you begin the day weakly, you will loose profits at the end of the day.
  • Check your mail box as soon as you wake up, perhaps you will find an awesome mail!  You might not find the expected mail from your beloved always but smile to your self thinking he or she might still be writing that long waited mail. Do not be discouraged. Letters, Mails arrive on the right time of your life!
  • Find the Happiness in Nature. There is no other happiness than living with the  nature. Since it is given free, no one notices. Have you ever collected dried-up leaves? I did, because I can see a very uncommon beauty in them, even though we just walk on them mercilessly. Many poets have written beautiful things on rainbows, flowers, sea waves of course they are all wonderful but try to find beauty in uncommon things as well. Tell me what sort of uncommon things you love?   Now, do not complain that you live in a concrete jungle, people who do not have money or time to travel can find beautiful photos of nature on internet. I tell you these simple things because everyone cannot afford to have that expensive trip to sun kissed Maldives or Green-painted Tropical forests.
  • Happiness is LOVE. Now do not scream at me if you are single,  broken hearted, depressed, frustrated & complain you are not loved. It took me 25 years to figure out what LOVE is. LOVE all unconditionally, love your dear parents who gave you LIFE, love your sisters & brothers even though you can not tolerate them all the time, love your Grand parents, old people who need your conversation, love your neighbours who gossip about you.

Most importantly, love your ENEMY.  Lord Buddha said:

 It is by loving all your enemies that you win the happiness.

Once I read a poem by William Blake, titledA poison Tree

I was angry with my friend:I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:I told it not, my wrath did grow.

I learnt that anger should be expressed immediately because more you keep it inside you , it will fester your soul. Cleanse yourselves from unwanted hatred.

Choose to be HAPPY, even though SADNESS is also given free, always INSIST that you need HAPPINESS.

Here is my version of happiness, I thought it is worth sharing. 

I find it everywhere, happiness, that jewel many cannot find, that many search in vain.

It's there, a coconut from Sri Lanka lying on a sad looking exotic fruit corner in the super market priced at 1 euro.

Its there, a huge box of Ceylan tea in another corner waiting majestically to be picked up by a delicate hand.

It's there, a sack full of orange Dhal found in a dangerous open air Arabian market, a place not dared by any french feet.

It's there, the smell of spices, cinnamon or curry powder, bottled up nicely,  inhaled by a thirsty nose.

Oh, the list is not over.

It's there , the scorching provincial sun, which makes me red & sweat, yet in a sweet way.

It's there, butterflies & bees who visit our flowery garden in search of me! Do they?

It's there, the so green wild grass which grow like the hair on my legs, so excited, out of control.Yes, I like them.

It's there, the calmness of sea at Niolon, the saltiness in the air, the sailing boats waiting patiently.

Oh, the list is not over.

It's there, an empty bottle of Compote d'abricots, biologique et authentique rest among the precious on my study table.

It's there, a ten digit number, which appears on the phone randomly or a short voice message well protected.

It's there, a passionate kiss by a soft spoken , rough , mysterious man with sweet pink lips, so contrasting!

It's there, finally, my life itself which I am blessed with, No where else, so stopped I searching.

By Jahooli Devi

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