Sunday, April 27, 2014

Toilets like lovers


             Image© Arthur Robins

Toilets like lovers
Some nice, clean, well- presented
Some horrible, dirty, disgusting
yet, you search for them 
in despair
almost everyday...

you sit there patiently
look around
vivid colours
patterned tiles
smells Jasmin
you dream,
murmur sweet melodies
forget the pains, 
Life is good & perfect
never feel like getting up
to go away.

you enter
within seconds
the view of poop floating commodes
piss-smelling filthy scribbled walls
flies roaming around
make you nauseous
four walls watching fiercly
no space to move
unsafe doors, empty toilet rolls
you sweat & get panicked
impatient to run away...

You've no idea at all
until you step in
& close the door
in a hurry
You got no choice
no choice at all
but to stay
for two minutes,
for ten minutes, even more
to soothe
your desperate pains
on your way...

By Jahooli Devi

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