Friday, June 13, 2014

How to get rid of Love failures?


You can have almost EVERYTHING in LIFE, if you work hard towards your goals, that degree, that job, that car, that house. But, you can't have EVERYONE in your Love Life because as simple as that, they are not things , but people.

People function differently, their hearts, their minds, their souls, their hopes & dreams. Therefore, we can't own another person unless that person is willing to be owned by us. 

It is a harsh truth we try to ignore, but at one point in life, we should accept the truth. If not our life will be a failure, even the person you loved so dearly might even laugh at your folly, calling you crazy. We should give our maximum to win their hearts, but we should not give our whole life. Your life is precious, your happiness should be important to you as it is important to your lover who ignores you. 

If someone rejects you, call them a Loser, because you don't lose anything from a person who does not love you, but they lose you, your love, your heart, your kisses, your smiles. Think, who is the loser? 

Don't be discouraged if your love life fails, the moment  that you let go one person who is not meant to you, there will be a hundred waiting to pour you with the showers of love which you were deprived for so long. 
Was not it LOVE you were expecting from that person? So, now you have it from a new person. You can't reject new love saying it is not same.  
How could love be different from one to another? It is same, Love is same, only people are different. 

The same phrase you used " I love you" is valid for another person. Don't be afraid to say that, if the next one in your list is eligible for that, open your heart, never be stubborn not to love again. You should always love more & more while keep on believing that LOVE exists.  The day you stop believing in love, you would only be a walking skeleton, therefore, you should love incessantly.

It takes a great courage to love , it is true . It takes an equally a great courage to stop loving someone who does not want you & start loving another person too. 

Love should not be wasted at any point, like a river, every drop should be used to water, the fields of love, for they would be greener with your experience in love & would definitely bear greater fruits, only if you are willing to accept the truth & embrace the change.

By Jahooli Devi
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