Sunday, June 1, 2014

To my lovely Friend


A Song for you!!!

I really cannot say, how much I love you,
But I can say, my world is full of happiness,
Since the day that I met you.
I always needed a good friend, like you,
and now I feel about you that way.
I'll be with you till the end,
If you really let me to stay with you.

You may never understand,
How you've touched my Soul.
you’ve allowed me to experience,
Something I never meant to be in my life.
A girl like you can change,
A person’s life to an eternal heaven.

Each and every single day,
You are close to me, more and more,
So… I feel the warmness of your heart,
But, someday, I may miss you so,
Though I don’t have any intend to,
Let you go away.

By Manu Fernando.

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