Monday, June 23, 2014

Artichoke Hearts


Are you simply choked up because of your Artichoke heart?

Artichoke is a vegetable! 

How come a vegetable has a place in a literary blog?

There is an expression in French " avoir un cœur d'un artichaut" originates from the proverb " coeur d'artichaut, une feuille pour tout le monde" which can be directly translated to English as to have an artichoke heart, a leaf for everyone" 

This expression is used to refer to someone who falls in love very easily, who is very inconstant in love as well as who is ready to love anyone who comes across on his or her way. 

Sometimes, people use this with negative connotation to refer to someone who has a fickle mind. It is not same as Don Juans who constantly go after love, rather the Artichokes fall in love with several people because they never had a long term love affair even though they are all ready for that.

How do you know that you have an Artichoke heart?

As soon as you meet a man or a woman, you fall in love easily. ( You are at the dinner date, you have already imagined your wedding & perhaps trying to cook artichoke for your future husband!)

You always believe that you just found your soul mate. ( He or She is born for you, that God decided to send this angel to love you forever) 

Love is the only word that interests you & you constantly think about it. ( The day that the word LOVE ceases, you would die too, of course with your Artichoke! ) 

You have a lot of love failures in life because you love selflessly, without expecting any love in return. ( I love you because I love you, now, keep on telling that looking at the sky because the person you love is busy buying artichokes for his new girl friend)

Problems encountered by Artichokes:

She or He gives a little bit of love to everyone who shows at least a bit of interest in them ( As it it is his or her DUTY to love the world , voilà une feuille pour toi, mange! ( Here is a leaf for you, eat !)

But, most of the time , these artichokes love people who don't merit at least a rotten artichoke. It is their problem.  Therefore , they go through many deceptions in love, suffer always , complain about their over cooked hearts.

The tragedy with these vegetables is that the day they meet the real lover, who expects real love & care, they no longer have any leaves to offer them because everything was given to useless people.

Think about  your friends who are like Artichokes, they must be really tired by now.  The only advise, we can give them is to keep their vegetable heart in the freezer, so one day, they can offer it to someone who really wants to eat it.

By Jahooli Devi
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