Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Can a boy and a girl remain as best friends forever?


You may have different answers for this question based upon your real life experiences.  But if we can analyse a little bit deeper the friendship between a girl and boy, we might be able to provide a general answer.

Let's think about a good friendship  between two boys or  two girls.  They are best friends simply because they “like” each other. This likeness comes from the fact that  they have almost same feelings about things , they may have almost same desires about things ,they may help each other very much & they may share common interests etc.  So, that’s why they like each other.  

Now, let’s think about a good friendship between a girl and a boy.  They are also best friends; it’s simply because of the very reasons given above.

At this point, I have some questions about this wonderful friendship between a girl & a boy. 

1.  Can girl and boy best friends spend a night in a same room on a same bed together?

2.  If this « girl »  friend has a pain on the legs after a  very tiresome day,  can this « boy » friend  massage her legs?

I asked  these silly but practical questions just because:

If these best friends were two boys or two girls, they can book a one room easily because they are best buddies. Of course, I am not talking about boys giving massages to boys ! But, boy and girl best friends cannot book a one room very simply, they hesitate for a while. Double bed ? Twin bed ? Separate rooms ?  When it comes to physical activities, If the boy cannot massage his best girl friend's legs, sleeping on the same bed in one room, are they still be able to call them as best friends? Will the  girl be comfortable with it ? Will the boy stay « within the limits » ? This is just a one example.

However,  if you still can manage this situation while perfectly staying in the friend's zone, it means, at least one person is killing his or her desires for the sake of friendship. It doesn’t mean you don’t have any passionate, romantic feelings towards her or him. But you are overcoming the true feelings.

Moreover, when a girl and a boy best friends are keeping a perfect healthy friendship , but still one person wants more than a friendship & really scared to break the rules of the friend's zone and say  « I love you »  because the consequences will be terrible, at this moment   he or she will have to suppress the  true feelings. This is  for the  sake of the friendship. We are scared of the refusal, we are scared of the anger, we are scared of  the friendship which will be shattered in to pieces because of Love.

Finally, we still believe a great friendship can exist between a girl & a boy as long as they have a mutual respect & trust for each other. One day ,they may be married to different people after having fallen in love with different people, but still a strong friendship can be carried on, if we are willing to stay without surpassing the golden rules of Friendship.

Try to understand your feelings for the other person  « She/He is not my dream girl or handsome prince! »

Tolerate when she or he wants to find a lover. « So, when is your wedding ? »

Treat her or him as your best friend, not as your lover.  « We are best friends, are not we ? »

What do you think ?

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