Sunday, May 11, 2014

A question


(Gustave Courbet's famous painting: The origin of the world )

That soft thing packed 
in small boxes,
with steaming intense pictures
You decide the taste,
Mango,Papaya or Pineapple?
You choose the size,
small, medium or large?
Can you afford it?

It pops out
by a familiar hasty hand,
Slips down to the greatest length

where origin lies,
first, slowly & gently
the ride of faithfulness,
then a frenzy of devil's dance
groans and moans
in ecstatic joy
Stretching to
its false elasticity
until you wake up 
from the fantacy dream world
with broken pieces inside
juice flowing
like rivers never ending
drowning hopelessly
in bits & pieces ...

When there is no choice
But to flush away
like a deep tight sigh
from the grip of your heart
Wonder one confused
Is life
at least
a broken condom?

By Jahooli Devi

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