Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Love depends

Do you love someone  madly? And you are willing to do anything to get him or her for your life? If you want you can even die for him/her? Is that the way you feel about your love?  At the same time your crush not loves you at all. So, still you are begging the love? You still think this is the real love?

On the other hand…there is another person who loves you madly and asking your love. But you don’t like that person ever. But, of course this beggar love you more than his own life, even she/he is ready to die for you. So, don’t you think he or she has a real love for you?  Is that true love or is it enough for you to live in happily this world?

When put aside the idea of madness in Love,

Have you ever thought that love always depend on certain concerns? 

Be wise…yes…it depends.

It doesn't matter how much you love or, how honest your love or how you mean it for someone. It depends. It will depend on the other person’s personal desires and requirements.  Some time love depends on Money, sometime it depends on beauty, sexuality, intellectual capacities, education or social status.

But, if someone says,

“I love him/her because he/she has a good heart, or he or she has good spirit” 

No way…it’s once in a blue moon situation. May be there is a one person out of hundred thousands who says it. Otherwise everybody is expecting love with money, beauty, social status, etc. 

I’m not saying it’s wrong. It’s because, at the end we all are materialistic people that love is not enough to live in this world. Therefore, they need supplements too. 
Sometimes, at the very beginning, someone can love you without any reason or without any expectations calling it blind love. But, eventually, they need more things rather than love.

Simply, true love is not enough to have a great relationship, you need other things too. 
Money, Beauty, social status Etc… Otherwise you can’t even get close to your crush ever.

Remember…when someone loves you, she or he just doesn't love just for you. They expect your talents, money, your social status, your intellectual capacity too. 

Without realizing this reality, if you go after someone, you never win your love or never have a healthy relationship.

By Manu Fernando.

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