Monday, May 12, 2014

My Love

Once upon a time , I had my own beautiful days in life. But I always felt that, I was going to miss it soon or later. I knew that, I would never find a girl like her again in my life time. She was the perfect and the prettiest one for me in every way. But I didn’t let her know  about my feelings.

I couldn’t tell her that, though I loved her so much. I always kept that in my heart as a secret. I never wanted to expose my love to her. I always tried to pretend I’m just a friend of her. But As Always, I wanted to be with her and I loved her. I knew, she also wanted the same. But she always tried to ignore it. I didn’t let her know, that I always knew she was pretending that not so. I believe we both played the same game. So...I remember the last day that I met her in a cafe in "Volgograd"…

“I can’t believe why I am close to you so much Ivan… why I talk with you so much…why I’m so friendly with you even I have a boy friend. You know what Ivan…I feel... I made a terrible mistake in my life, that I never can revise….

“What is it Olya?”

“My fiancé…he is not the one for me, Ivan; I could have found a better one than him. You know... Once he was begging for my love. I didn’t like him at first. But later, I felt sad about him. Then I said “yes” to him. But I know it was not real love.”

“I’m sorry Olya…but that is the life, everything does not happen as we want”

“You don’t know what love is, Ivan. But in a way, you are right, everything does not happen as we want …now it’s too late for me” 

I just sighed while looking in to her tearful eyes…then there was a silence. Again she mumbled to me.

“Why I tell you those things which I never told to anyone? I can’t understand anything...Oh god… I wanted to keep this friendship forever. I feel sad about us… Ivan…Even, I don’t know how we going to end up this story...”

“It’s Ok Olya…let's live, don’t think so much. At least we met for our lives, we know that we really like each other. we must be happy about that.”  She just smiled at me innocently.

But I feel the same about us, sad. And always I think "why I didn’t meet her early in my life?"

Then we took the lunch together. I told her that, I never forget that day, and she said the same.

She married him in a one fine day. I knew one day it was going to happen. I never talked to her since then. She made me laugh, made me happy, showed me the love, gave me the hope, and at last made me cry. At least now I feel that I had true love once in a life time and it will last in my heart forever.

Inspired By a True Story. 

By Manu Fernando. 

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