Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The cage of Ice

As I layed sleeping with a frozen heart, which was locked in ice by cold hearted queens of winter, I dreamt of blizzards. A neverending storm of cold rain, hardening my face, making me incapable of experiencing happiness. Each breath became colder, each breath made me hope it is my last.
My heart was sleeping.

The same morning I walked through a hall. A nice silent warmth spread through my lungs and my heart gave a beat. My face melted and a grin was on it.

I daydreamt of a huge inferno, a neverending storm of hot rain, softening my face, making me capable of experiencing happiness once again. Each breath became warmer, each breath made me more willing to live.

My heart woke up.

As my vision returned to this world I looked at the empress of summer drifting away from me. The long awaited true smile on my face was enough proof for her to know that I wanted her.

She leaned forward, as did I, and my heart went ablaze.
Most people kiss eyes closed, the empress and I however looked into each others souls, while feeling each others hearts.

Once again my vision returned to this world. My lips took their distance from hers, though I was still looking in her eyes.

What followed was a warm embrace and a name.
Nothing felt as perfect as this. I was reborn as a phoenix thanks to the empress of summer, who I will soon call my wife...

By Roger Sailor 

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