Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's row the boat, darling

Anna met Aaron on a nice day in Summer 1938 nearby the river bank in the village. She was only 9 and he was 11. Anna came from another city to this village with her family. They used to play nearby the river bank most of the days, since the day thet met. They rowed boats together, they swam together. They became good friends eventually. When they became teenagers, they fell in love.  They loved each other very much.

But, Anna’s family didn’t like Aaron, since his parents were only farmers. It was because Anna’s family was the wealthiest family in the village. Anna’s father John wanted her to marry  a wealthy man who lived in the city.  Anna couldn’t do anything about that, since she was just a girl. Although, Anna asked, Aaron to take her somewhere and marry her, without a proper job Aaron didn’t like to do so.
Things were going wrong. Anna got married to a rich guy who lived in the city, it happened only for her father’s desire. Anna never liked that guy. After marriage, she had to go to her husband's house. Aaron, too was disappointed and he left the country forever. 

Anna never lived happily. She was always thinking about Aaron ; her past love.  Sometimes, Anna imagined they were rowing boats and playing nearby the river bank. So… always those past memories were haunting in her mind. Anna was never a good wife to her husband due to those past memories. So…most of the time Anna’s husband asked for the reason for her abnormal behavior. But, Anna never gave a good answer for that. Eventually, Anna’s husband became a drunkard, some days he didn’t come home instead he spent time on night clubs , womanizing all day long. But Anna didn’t care about it .

Anna got pregnant at the age of 23. It was 1952. One day, Anna’s husband came home drunk. He had a quarrel with Anna. After few arguments, Anna’s husband Michel pushed Anna hardly away. Anna fell down on the floor and hit her head on a door and she got fainted. She was immidiately hospitalized. She fell in to a coma there. After two weeks of coma she got up, but she didn’t remember anything.  She lost her memory. She lost her baby too. Then Michel went to jail for 5 years.  Doctors moved Anna to a mental hospital.

In the mental hospital, Anna got a young talented doctor named, Leonard for her treatments. He tried to recover Anna in many ways. Finally, he realized that Anna wanted only love and care for the recovery of her brain. So, in few years of treatments and mental therapies, Anna recovered from her abnormal behavior. But, her memory didn’t come back as  before. Meanwhile, Anna’s doctor began to love Anna. Anna’s mind eventually felt the love and care. Then, she began to recover as a new life. Very rarely, Anna addressed Leonard, as “Aaron”. So, Leonard responded to that name and he was pretending as Aaron. 

In a fine morning Anna’s doctors decided, that Anna may go home now. So, Anna came to her old home again. By that time Anna’s father had died. She had only mother and one servant in the home. Meanwhile, Leonard proposed to her. So… she said “Yes” to him. By then, Anna didn’t have any memories of Aaron or her childhood.

One evening, Anna and Leonard went to the river bank where Anna and Aaron used to play as kids. At first sight of the river Anna felt something strange and then she was shocked. So, they came quickly home again. Anna got a severe headache and fever throughout that night. Then, the following day everything seemed to be fine. So… days passed normally for another 6 months. Leonard planned the wedding in few weeks. 

It was year 1956. One evening Anna went to the river bank with the servant. For a few minutes servant left Anna, to go home to get Anna’s scarf.  Anna was walking along the river bank and saw a little boy who was playing around. Anna heard that boy was whispering  to her…

“Anna… say you are my friend forever?”

“Yes Aaron…I am always your best friend. But tell me... you never leave me?”

“I never leave you Anna, no matter what, I never leave you, I promise”.

“Yes…I promise too, not to leave you ever”.

“Anna shall we row the boat ?  river is not rough today”

“Yes, Aaron…Today is the most beautiful day of the river, let's row the boat”.

Few days later, Anna’s body was found down by the river on the wreckage of very old wooden boat.

P.S – 

Few months later, one villager who was fishing saw two kids playing along the river bank and he heard they were whispering : 

“Anna shall we row the boat ? River is not rough today”.

“Yes, Aaron…Today is the most beautiful day of the river, let's row the boat”.

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