Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to improve your love life?

Sometimes, Love and romance do not depend on very expensive gifts, or luxurious vacations. True love is really depending on the bunch of little acts and concerns that you do in your day today life. You may be planning to give very expensive gifts to your partner, same time you may forget to say “I love you” for months. It doesn’t matter whether you give an expensive gift or cheap. It is the thought that counts. For instance, I remember one male celebrity gave $ 300,000 worth Canary Yellow diamond ring, to his bride. But just after 7 years they split up. So…All you need is a lot of love and caring. This can take both of you a long way into marital bliss.

Well…what are the little things that you could do for your lover? 

I have a nice example, once I had good friend who had a beautiful wife too. He was working hard in his office, all the stressed. So…at the end of the day, when he goes to home his wife, never asked about his day. Or never touch at least his hand. She just gives something to drink and talk about something and then goes on with the day today life. But one day, his friend asked him to go for a social club. So after very hard working stressful day, he went there. He met a women there and she asked :

“Hi…how was your day?”

My friend told all about his office and how hard it was. So… he got very relaxed. Since that day, he went to this social club on regular basis to meet that woman. Believe me, he was a from very good family and didn’t misuse his opportunity to talk to that woman. But, now he likes that woman and visit her most of the days. Actually, it was a very little thing which can done by his wife. But she didn’t do and it really matters to him with his busy life. So, these type of little things really matter in a perfect relationship. Perhaps, you won't be able to do it every day. I know, nowadays are both males and females are really busy. But keep your mind that, it will keep both of you much alive.
Things you can simply do :

When you get a chance, always try to remind that how your lover meant to you. 

How nice he or she, how much you love, compliment her or him, the way his looks, her hair, her smile, her voice, her eyes, his sense of humor, her or his intelligence, something she has achieved, something she is proud of doing, the way he makes you feel so special and cared for, his caring touch, his passionate behavior etc. 

When you are going to be late getting home or when you have to meet your partner, call and let them know that you’ll be late. It is very inappropriate to make your partner wait without calling. Hold each other’s hand in public. A little public display of affection is always good for love and it will make trust and rely on each other.

In spite of the fact that they are “little” acts , they can mean so much to your lover and ensure that your partner would be perfectly happy in the relationship or in the marriage. 
When your loved one is happy, you’re happy, so it’s a win-win situation. These are just a few of the little things in love that really count more than all the gifts and wealth in the world. There are many more, and surely you can think of a few. Just as long as it doesn’t cost money, and makes your sweetheart feel special and cared for, it’s all great. 

Always remember, it’s the little acts of love and cute love actions that matter more than anything else in the world for two people in love.

By Manu Fernando

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