Saturday, May 17, 2014



When I’m all alone,

I dream a lot,

I dream such things,

And sometime no words to tell,

I keep my arms to the window sill,

And look through,

With emptiness,

And dreaming….and dreaming,

Now Sun has gone,

There is not any light to kill the darkness,

if you are not here with me anymore,

I don’t want to light up the darkness,

that surrounds me.  

let it be like this, forever,

so…no one can see me here,

and still,

Inside my heart has the light you kindled,

It’ll help to dream,

such dreams,

take me to a higher place,

higher expectations.

And still I’m dreaming,

to go with you,

to the countries, I've never been before,

may be across the world,

across the oceans,

hike the mountains, that I’ve never seen,

swim the rivers, never even heard

walk through the valleys, hand in hand with you

I want to share all my expectations with you,

So…I’m dreaming… still. 

By Manu Fernando

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