Thursday, May 1, 2014

Negative effects of Social Networks

Almost all the people in the world with an access to Internet, irrespective of age, gender or status have at least heard the word  “Social networks’ or the name Face book, while many of them are daily users. Facebook is indeed the number 1 Social network among such other networks which enables people to communicate and share their life events with each other worldwidely while Skype,Viber, Twitter come second to Facebook.

Nevertheless, some may argue that social networks only give opportunity for their users to publicize their privacy. Today, there is a trend in many youngsters to upload their photographs & videos into these networks without thinking the adverse effects it can produce.There is no fault in sharing pictures among friends and relatives. But, they should keep in their minds that there are unknown people to destroy their lives by misuing them.

Couples feel disheartened if they could not update the famous phrase" In a relationship" while the decision to update "Single" or "It's complicated" could create "controversy" among your fans or friends. Today, the definition of a perfect human seems to have changed. Normal person is someone who has healthy & happy status in Face Book, who publishes nice photos of vacations, share delicious looking international food! Life is no longer private, people constantly feel/need to share their whole life online.

On the other hand, there were very tragic incidents due to Social Media. There were serious problems of disputes between couples and even suicides were reported recently in some countries. People, due to lack of education and intelligence are persuaded to misuse these networks.

Addiction can also be discussed regarding this subject . Some people are so addicted to these networks and they waste their valuable time even without their knowledge.This has made people so unreal and to convincing them to live in a total fake virtual world.Sometimes, they try to hide their own personality by pretending.They think that they should show off their status and social recognition through social networks.

Issues regarding these so called Social Media are plenty. In my opinion, it is not the fault of social net works. The user should know his limits and standards while it is high time to rethink the do's & don'ts in social media.

By  D.Liyanage

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