Thursday, May 1, 2014

Can a long distance Love survive?


Can a long distance love survive healthily? Have you ever come acrossed this type of relationships? 

Having a long distance romance is not an easy thing, It's because, rather than remaining in the relationship for a time period, it may easy to let go and make up the mind. 

If you ever have to make a decision to have a long distance love, are you willing to give it a chance? 

If you people have to stay separate for a small period, sometimes it may be easy to hold on. But, if you people live in different countries n different time zones, it would’t be an easy thing to manage. 

Hope is the key. Let's hope to lead the way. It will keep alive both of you. 

As described in an earlier article, most lovers take love and relationships for granted. But, in reality, relationships need commitment and a bit of hard work. Most of the time, chemistry in love and understanding make things in love easier and happier. When you are away from each other, misunderstandings will occur esaily for very little things like missing scheduled meetings online, giving phone calls on time, or taking care of the partner. This makes worse, when you can’t do much to ease the tension as you are so far away. 

Other major issues are freedom and loneliness. You have more freedom to do whatever you want without the knowledge of your lover. At the same time you have a painful loneliness without your lover. This will lead your mind to make more close friends.  These two facts might lead you easily for another relationship. Hence, Take a chance on long distance love only if both of you can keep the trust and hope for each other.  

Always trust will play the key role for long distance love affairs. It’s very easy to have a great time with someone else when you’re out with a ‘new friend’. Likewise could your partner be up to something? Or perhaps your partner may loose interest in the relationship when they’re having so much fun hanging out with new friends?. It’s very easy for one partner to get jealous or angry when the other partner gets friendly with a new people. When new, mysterious friends start posting comments regularly on social web sites or start giving phone calls, it will hit on your nerves!

But, still if you can keep the trust in your lover, that's the key point. The good news is, this is the perfect time to realize, who is the real life partner for you and what is the real love is. Both of you will feel how much love means to both of you, when you miss one partner. Not only that, but also when you put more effort to keep your love alive, automatically it will strengthen the relationship with trust, hope and love. At the same time , it will raise the more physical feelings about each other,  Long distance love can actually be the biggest relationship test that can help both of you understand how much either of you mean to each other.

All humans are always growing and changing constantly. But, you can’t see these changes, when you stay together because you evolve together. But, when you are away from each other and when you go after your own carriers individually, these changes will lead both of you for some other directions. Both of you may end up becoming incompatible partners even if both of you were deeply in love with each other at one point in life. 

At the end, Long distance Love may be the greatest test to measure the strength in a relationship.

Take the test, if you dare!

By Manu Fernando

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